Connect the dots to what every artist and or brand needs to become a household name. Ripe Syrup - Fresh ideas that stick. When you think of the artist & brands we represent, they stay fresh in the mind and stick to what the culture needs and wants. Not only because of its relevance, but because of its uniqueness and ability to stand apart from all competitors.


Establishing Music Tours that help artist generate buzz, garner attention and generate organic new fans on a national level. Our focus is creating a unique experience that is tailored to your image and brand identity.

We can also assist with your brands engagement with emerging artist to promote both brands. 

Visuals / Videography

RS has one of the best teams for visuals. We can assist with all aspects and stages of your music video, commercial or documentary.  


Assisting artist and brands with creating merchandise that relates to the culture they are targeting to help garner the brand recognition they need to become and remain relevant in the market.


Building artist and product brands through relationships built in music and entertainment with Top Mangers, A&R's, Publicist, Brands and Tastemakers


We work hand in hand with some of the best Publicist, A&R's and labels in the country to creatively build brands.

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